Mt Kilimanjaro Day Hikes


For those who do not wish to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to the top and yet want to experience the magic of the Mountain then a day trip to the first hut will be ideal for them. This hike to the first hut will allow you to have a feel of the mountain for one day. The hike through the rain forest will be breathtaking as you come close to nature while making your body enjoy a nice walk without feeling too exhausted at the end. If you have been doing a driving safari for most part of your trip, a break from the car and a chance to stretch your muscles in Nature will make you appreciate nature as you explore Kilimanjaro region.

 On a clear day you will be in a position to see and hear birds singing in the bushes, monkeys jumping from tree to tree and the breathtaking landscape and vegetation on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The good thing about the Kilimanjaro day hike, you can do it alone, with friends or family. Either way you will appreciate the exercise nature. Children are also allowed to do the Kilimanjaro day hike and it will be a good family hike as you introduce your young ones to the highest Mountain in Africa without taking them all the way to the top.


  • After breakfast, you will depart Babylon Lodge for Kilimanjaro National Park gate. If you are staying in a different hotel in Marangu there is no problem our car will be there to pick you up from your hotel at no extra charge. If you are staying at Moshi town there is no problem, we are able to pick you from Moshi town and drop you at Babylon Lodge after the tour and you will only pay the transport to and from Moshi town. If you are driving alone to Marangu there is no problem and you will be met at Babylon lodge where our guide will brief you on the day’s activity as you have hot coffee before departing to Kilimanjaro National park gate.
  • Before you start the hike, you will be given a healthy and balanced lunch box that will be taken upon arrival at Mandara Hut. Please inform us if you have any special diet needs so that our chef can prepare a lunch box that meets your requirements. It is also important to inform us if you have any allergies so that we are sure we have given you the right lunch box..

One advantage of this day trip is that you will not be required to have any special Mountain climbing gears. All that you need for this trek is comfortable clothing, comfortable walking shoes and a rain coat in case it rains on your way up or down. Please remember to have your sunscreen on to protect your skin from the sun especially on the hot days.

  • You will drive to Kilimanjaro National Park gate and on a clear day our driver will stop at different places where you can take good pictures of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The driver and the guide will be there to answer any question you might have regarding Mt. Kilimanjaro and the area around the great Mountain.
  • On reaching the Kilimanjaro National Park gate you will register yourself on the guests’ registration book at the Kilimanjaro National Park reception. For adults, your passport is not required but you will be needed to fill the following details in the registration book. Your names/ Your home address/Nationality/Age/Gender/ Passport No. Children below 16 years qualify for a discount and hence are required to have their passport with them to prove their age.
  • After all the registration is done, you will depart Marangu gate and start the walk to Mandara hut. You will walk for about 3-4 hours to the first hut (Mandara hut) and you will arrive there in the afternoon. There is no hurry and you are allowed to walk slowly as you enjoy nature and the vegetation.
  • On reaching Mandara hut you will register yourself having had a wonderful hike. You will take your lunch box at Mandara hut, rest for a while and take good photos of the place. After your lunch your guide will give you a short walk to Maundi crater before walking down to Marangu gate.
  • You will walk down to Marangu gate and this walk will take you about 2 hours walking slowly as you observe for anything that you might have missed on your way up. If you are early you will also have a chance to pass by a waterfall that is inside the Kilimanjaro National Park before a walk down to Kilimanjaro National Park gate. This is a small waterfall with its water flowing from Mt. Kilimanjaro. During the dry season, this waterfall has little water but during the rainy season there is more water and it is more beautiful.
  • On reaching Marangu gate, you will be met with our driver who will take you back to the hotel. If you are staying at Moshi or departing to the Airport, You can stop at the lodge where we will give you a free room to shower before your departure.


The cost for a day trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro is ;

  • USD $ 150 per person for adults (16 years and above)
  • Children below 16 years will only pay USD $ 100

This cost includes:

  • Transport from Babylon Lodge to Kilimanjaro National Park gate in the morning and transport back to Babylon Lodge in the evening. Our driver will stop at places with the best views of Kilimanjaro on a clear day to ensure you get the best photos of Kilimanjaro.
  • A well experienced English speaking guide. He will tell you from the history, vegetation and animals of Mt. Kilimanjaro. His wide experience of guiding treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro will also make him the ideal person to ask him any questions regarding Mt. Kilimanjaro. All our guides are charming, friendly and well trained which will ensure you enjoy every step of your trek. NB. if you need a guide who speaks your language fluently this can also be arranged at an extra fee.
  • All the Kilimanjaro park fees
  • A heavy lunch box from the hotel which will contain everything that you need for the day from sandwiches, chocolate, groundnuts, biscuits, fruits, juice, boiled egg, piece of cake ……etc