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Giving back to the society


Babylon Lodge believes that just as the experience of tourism enriches the lives of travellers, it should also enrich the lives of the local community. This is why we practise liable tourism that allows visitors to wholly experience the adventure, beauty and culture of Tanzania.

When you are experiencing the beauty of Tanzania through Babylon Lodge you also contribute in building our local community.

Babylon Lodge is working towards improving the education standards within our local community. We believe that a solid education is the key to helping the less fortunate help themselves out of poverty. With that in mind, we have been working in conjunction with the local community and friends of the lodge to renovate and improve the standards of Makuyuni Primary School.


We were introduced to the Makuyuni Primary school which is just 8km from the lodge by Mrs. Dorcas who is the headmistress at the Mkuyuni Primary school in 2015. Her passion and energy when it comes to helping the children of her school made us realize we can do more to help the less privileged. She is an extra ordinary woman who has devoted her life to teaching and helping the children of Makuyuni Primary school. Since 2015 working with Mrs. Dorcas, the community and guests from the lodge, we have been able to build better toilets for the school after their toilets collapse. It is the small things that we do that make a huge difference to that community. Each dollar or Shilling that was contributed by the well-wishers went a long way in making a child happier and access a basic facility that he or she was missing. We would like to thank Samuel Jamera and his friends who worked with us tirelessly to ensure the toilet project was a success.


Recently we hosted a group of Irish people who decided to raise money for the school feeding program as well as improvement of the infrastructure at the school. Their charity climb dubbed KILI FOR THE KIDS has been a blessing to the children at the school. Now they are able to have at least a meal everyday while in school. Majority of the students come from very poor backgrounds living under a dollar. We are very grateful to the Irish group and all their friends who supported them in ensuring every child can have the most out of their school year.

You can also join us in helping the community

There are many ways in which you can join us in creating a better world for the community around Kilimanjaro region. Currently we are working on improving the lives of the school children, but this is just the start of our many community projects.  Some of the things that you can do includes;

A specific donation; this is when you identify an area of need and give money or items exclusively to support that area.

Giving a general donation; this is when you donate money, teaching material, books or anything else that will improve the lives of the people or students around Kilimanjaro.

Giving your time and visiting the children at the school (Volunteering); Are you passionate about children and do you have a few hours to spare? Then a visit to the school will be uplifting for the children. Just visiting them and giving them hope and showing them there is a wider world out there will be a plus to their lives. Teaching a class can also be arranged.