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Kilimanjaro climb

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro


Babylon Lodge organises quality and affordable Mount Kilimanjaro climbs, with our well experience guides and porters who will not only make sure you enjoy your climb but also take care of your safety through out the climb. There are many routes that you can use to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro but no matter which route you use you will still end up on the same peak; Uhuru peak. We are very flexible on our programs making it ideal for friends, family and any climbers who are on a budget or travelling alone. Solo climbers are also welcome and we will do everything to ensure you enjoy the best of our climb. 


Marangu Route



The Marangu Route is also known as the “Coca Cola” or “tourist” route. It is the easiest and shortest route to the summit. This is also the only route with the comforts of sleeping huts at every camp site with solar- powered lights and comfortable beds. The huts are communal, and the bunks have a sponge mattress and pillow 

Machame Route


This is probably the most beautiful route up Kilimanjaro. All your equipment and supplies are pottered and a cook prepares all your meals. Machame route offers strictly tents only. This makes Machame (also referred to as the "Whiskey route") better suited to the slightly more adventurous hiker, however rewarding him with a scenic splendor such as not seen on the Marangu route. 

Rongai Route


The Rongai Route is easier and more scenic than the Marangu or Machame routes, and the success rate is very high. All climbers sleep in tents (tents are included) and meals are served in a dinner tent or on a blanket outside.

The route starts on the north side of the mountain just south of the Kenyan border. The descent is down the Marangu Route on the south side of the mountain, so climbers see the mountain from many view points.