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Our renovations have been postponed!


Dear esteem client, due to unfavourable weather at Marangu we are not able to carry on our intended renovations this time and this has been postponed to a later date. On the good side this means all services will continue uninterrupted and we will continue to provide you with the best of Kilimanjaro. 


This will be done on a future date and will be communicated in good time!

The postponement of this renovations does not mean they won't be done, Babylon Lodge is known for continues growth each year as it improves its facilities and its services. We are known known as the best hotel in Marangu in terms of services and we are looking forward to improve our facilities as well to be the leading hotel within this region. We will keep you updated regarding this but if you still want to get the best services in the area then come to Babylon Lodge.


We will keep you posted on future plans!

Babylon  Lodge  is your number one hotel when it comes to accommodation , meals and tours around the Kilimanjaro region.  We have postponed the renovations but this means all our services will continue as before and we will ensure all your stays are pleasant as before. if you have any question or comment regarding the same please don't hesitate to contact us.

We will be renovating our rooms soon!!


Thank you for being with us as we take the next step to be a better hotel.

Babylon Lodge has constantly improved and this has made us one of the best hotels in Moshi in terms of services. On our journey to be the best, this year we will embark on renovations for our facility .  We wills work with one room at a time as we continue to serve our client. 

Please note our renovations will not affect our services in anyway and our facility will remain open during this time. We will also ensure safety at all times and you do not have to worry if you have booked with us.


The future is brighter with an improved Babylon Lodge!

With the increased number of guests at Babylon Lodge, renovations for the next season has become very important. We listen to the needs of our clients and are always working hard to ensure we provide the best for them.

Work with us and we can assure you the future will be much brighter than today.